Hotels strive to offer the finest service and amenities for their guests. Mango AV can make it possible to offer your guests the next level of experience and convenience. Hotels have a range of areas that guests can access, from the reception to the bar, the restaurant to their room. Each area can offer something different. Mango AV can design a number of solutions that work in sync to enhance this experience.


Well designed lighting in hotel rooms can add sophistication giving guests a little extra luxury, whilst dining and public areas benefit from a more relaxing feel as scenes become more intimate as the evening progresses through the use of timed events. Master Off controls enable whole area shut down from any keypad, or maybe a button to create a welcome scene linked to the door entry system.


Quiet areas that do not need constant illumination can be set up motion sensors to provide lighting 'on demand'. Our systems restrict bulbs to 90% power, providing an instant saving on energy useage.


Zoned audio systems can provide audio entertainment in a number of areas with in your establishment - the reception, the restaurant, the bar, hallways and other communal areas. Our systems can be controlled and monitored from anywhere, so you know what is playing, where it is playing, and at what volume. We can train your staff to use the systems with confidence.

Wireless Internet Connections

Guests always require a solid Wi-Fi connection where ever they may be in the hotel. Our Seamless Roaming systems can be deployed to provide site-wide coverage and are intelligent enough to follow a client device (phone, tablet etc) through the property, seamlessly disconnecting and reconnecting each device from Access Point to Access Point. Seamless Roaming - a reliable, solid and constant internet connection.


Our IP-based surveillance systems offer striking 4K Ultra HD quality recording, either full time or by motion detection for quieter areas. They can be your witness to help protect your guests, or even to overlook staff productivity. With remote access, you can check in anytime, from anywhere.


No guest experience would be complete without entertainment. We can provide satellite TV to every room, in-room audio and even guest enabled wake-up timers, all from a single touch panel in each guest room. Have meeting rooms for hire? Why not consider a user friendly boardroom presentation system, with control of lighting, projection, displays and blinds?

All of our systems can be controlled from beautiful in-wall touch panels, located in ideal areas to be accessed by staff. Whatever the area and whatever the vision, Mango AV can design the ideal system to impress your guests and provide them with an experience to remember.

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