If you're designing a new residential block, you probably have a clear idea in your mind of what you'd like to achieve for the new building. Even if you are not sure what's needed, we can consult and help identify the right combination of systems to achieve your plan. The most popular systems are Access Control, Lighting and Surveillance. 

Our advanced systems employ IP for communciation, simplifying cable runs, maximising total component capacity.


Residential Access Control helps protect the building from unwanted intruders, FOB keys provide access to residents, and a multi-user systems ensures that numerous entrances can still make calls without engaging the entire system. We can supply beautiful touchscreen panels for luxury developments, or bespoke vandal resistant full metal panels.

Our Surveillance solutions can be deployed site wide across multiple residential blocks, all on a stable IP network. Each camera provides either Ultra HD 4K or 1080p HD - enough detail to identify individuals. Our cameras are weather and impact resistent, auto switch for day/night visibility and can be adjusted with mototised zoom. Each surveillance system system can be accessed remotely, great for block management to keep an eye on the property while away from site.

Architectural Lighting assists in illuminating dark corners or highlighting a particular design feature. Our lighting systems work perfectly with LED lighting, enabling long term use and low energy consumption compared to standard lamps.

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