An important factor of any home or office is its security and one way to achieve this is via a surveillance system, or CCTV. At Mango AV we offer two types - IP Systems and HDCVI Systems. We can help you decide which is best for you.

- IP Systems -

IP Systems are brilliant when integrating into a larger property-wide control system, like RTi. They provide an exceptional level of control directly from the system user interface, so you can view and control all cameras without having to change apps. Full integration drivers from RTi mean full level of control, from viewing to zooming. We use LILIN, a world leader in the IP camera sector.

An RTi and LILIN control system example

- HDCVI Systems -

HDCVI Systems are great when you are upgrading an existing coaxial cable based system, or when installed as a standalone system. We use Dahua - a leader in HDCVI technology.

Both systems offer a comprehensive range of cameras from indoor to outdoor, vandal resistent, bullet to dome and even PTZ (motorised rotation), along crystal clear night vision. There are a variety of recorder sizes available with a range of storage options, all of which can be set to record on motion detection.

You can even remotely access live feeds and recordings while you are away or abroad. Finally, you can now relax with the peace of mind that your home or office has an intruder deterrent system and evidence should the worst happen.

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