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Today's modern audio systems are a long way from what came before. The previous generation consisted of amps, CD players, tape decks and radio tuners stored in a central location and then accessed via a non-intuitive control system. Want to listen to a different CD? Usually you'd have to have a collection already pre-loaded, or manually go put another one in. That could mean a walk half way through your home and down several flights of stairs.

Modern multiroom audio systems have changed. We're sure you've heard of Sonos - but just in case you haven't, it's a network based system, primarily used in conjunction with your broadband to stream Music on Demand services (from the likes of Spotify, Deezer et al.), provide world-wide Internet Radio and house-wide Party Mode when you entertain your guests.

There are other brands out there that have similar features. One we particularly like is Heos by Denon. It has a clean musical sound and is compatible with Deezer and Spotify. And importantly, you still control it via an app on your Android or iOS device.


Whilst the plethora of features these systems provide are great, a good number of users have found the audio to be mediocre at best. They are probably fine for smaller non-important rooms, but for your better audio rooms you may wish to enhance the experience by using higher quality amplifiers or DACs (Digital to Audio Converters) to achieve the performance you desire.


We'd like to introduce you to the AudioControl Rialto 600. This beauty is a fantastic high-output power amp with an audiophile grade DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter). Pair it with Sonos Connect or a Heos Link (room players that do not have amps built in) and it will breathe new life into your music. Careful though, side effects can lead to involuntary dancing, singing out loud, and feelings of joy. You have been warned!

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