Intelligent Lighting Systems can further enhance a room, a home and even your AV experience. Settling in for a movie? Let your control system set the scene by starting the movie and adjusting the light. Away on holiday? Set a timer event and mimic your presence. Hosting an event? Set the mood to highlight whatever is being exhibited. At Mango AV, we use Rako Controls for our lighting systems. A true British manufacturer with everything designed and built in the UK.

The beauty that you see
The equipment that you don't

Rako provides state of the art digital dimming technology, leading the way in cost effective, simple to use, innovative lighting solutions.


Mango AV can offer two system types - wired and wireless, and both are fully compatible with each other. Great if an extra circuit is needed after a project is completed, or for areas that are not bein refurbished.


Rako lighting can be controlled through third party control systems, such as RTi but also via apps on Android / iOS

We realise that planning a lighting project can be daunting, especially with so many options on the market.


With an unparalleled range of products from Rako, together with a hugely experienced support team and expertise at Mango AV, there's always a solution to your lighting requirement.


We are certified Rako Lighting installers.

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