Wireless & Wired Networks

Wireless networks - a love-hate relationship for so many. Love what they can offer (the entire internet at your finger tips! Order movies, video chat with loved ones!) but hate that the lack of good wireless coverage.


Hate no more. Mango AV can design you a wireless / wired system that will improve Wi-Fi access to all rooms, across all floors. Whether it's independent networks, or a seamless roaming whole house system, we will design a solid solution.


We use enterprise level products. This means they are robust, tried and tested, and just keep on working - not like the usual freebie domestic quality routers from your ISPs.


At Mango AV, we offer two solutions - Luxul and DrayTek.


Luxul - Multi award winning Wi-Fi with true Seamless Roaming. Luxul Seamless Roaming enables users to move through a property and remain connected at all times. The system intelligently disconnects and reconnects client devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, etc) between Wireless Access Points based on signal strength / distance. Ideal for properties with multiple floors, spread out areas or structural interference.
DrayTek is a solid performer. High strength Access Points and with multiple awards, their products are well weceived in the industry. It's even greater that their products provide the features of competitors two to three times their price! Great for solid home and office Wi-Fi.
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