Control & Automation

You've just decided on your brand new tailored AV system, but all that new kit is always plagued with all those remotes: the time it takes to learn what each one is for, and when to use them!


The greater the feature list, the greater the number of controls :(


Sound familiar?


Sounds like you need a Control & Automation System to take the work literally out of your hands. This area is often over looked, but one we feel is the most important. There is no point in having a great system if you can't enjoy it!


A well designed control and automation system can turn good AV into great AV It means you spend less time telling the system what to do and more time enjoying the AV experience.

At Mango AV, we highly recommend RTI control and automation products. They are tried, they are tested and they are powerful. Plus, we are Accredited Dealers.


We can design solutions for projects of every scale: from a single elegant remote for one room, to proporty wide control using a mixture of remotes, smart phones, tablets and in-wall touchpanels.


Our solutions are equally at home in commercial and hospitality environments.

The RTi KX7 In-Wall Touchpanel can replace lighting and door entry panels. Reduce clutter and control more, with less!

The more integration you allow, the more the system can do for you - from Lighting to Air Conditioning, Door Entry to CCTV, Curtains to TV Lifts - the possibilities are virtually endless.


Expertly programmed, a control & automation system means less input from you, and more output from your system. We can program a single remote to control your whole house, or multiple remotes for multiple users. A remote can be programmed to turn on all your AV devices in a home cinema, or just a TV and Sky Q box when you move from room to room. Prefer a larger screen? Options for Tablets and Touchpanels are available. If a device can be controlled, we'll make it happen.

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