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- Bring the magic of the movies into the comfort of your home -

Ask almost anyone if they know what home cinema is and most will say 5.1 Surround Sound. Over the years, many things have changed. Moving from Stereo to Dolby Digital 5.1 - now there's Dolby Atmos: the next evolution in cinema audio and one that is considered to be the most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound.

Atmos promises to immerse like never before, adding overhead audio to envelope you in true surround, providing the experience of placing you right into the scene.


So what options are there? You could have an elegant home cinema built around your living area with satellite or in-wall speakers, or maybe you have a loft space providing a bit of extra room for floor stand speakers.


If you are a movie buff and have the space, you could have a dedicated Home Theatre, complete with cinema seating and automated lighting. Whatever the scale, whatever the feature set and whatever the performance level, Mango AV can design a solution to match.


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