Whether you have plans for a high-end restaurant, an artisan coffee house or a lively sports bar, we have solutions for every scale and feature. Our systems can provide a number of genuinely useful solutions all of which are staff-friendly. Custom controls and interfaces mean we can tailor the system to behave exactly how you like.


Enhance your diners' experience by using mood lighting to set the appropriate scene for the time of the day, and use timed events to get things more intimate as the evening progresses.  


Background music helps to set the mood for a relaxed fine dining experience, and our zoned audio systems help provide different music in different areas. This can all be done from a single touch-panel installed where only your staff can access it, providing full control and system status for each area.


Our 4K Ultra HD and 1080p Full HD IP-based surveillance systems serve as a witness and a deterrent, giving peace of mind to your diners, keeping an eye on staff productivity, and with remote access you can check in anytime, anywhere.

Private Hire Dining Rooms

If you have dining rooms for hire, why not provide an entertainment system for your diners? A single in-wall panel with a custom interface can activate a TV system, audio, lighting and even service calls.

Distributed HD Video

For larger premises like sports bars where video screens are a must, we can design a full 4K Ultra HD experience, distributing games and sporting events to numerous HD screens. All screens and their content can be easily controlled by staff onsite.

We have many other solutions. For more info just say hello@mangoav.london

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